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The Literary Tourist: Readers and Places in Romantic and Victorian Britain

You've already read the book - why visit the place? When and why did readers start visiting sites with literary associations - whether writers' graves, birthplaces, houses, or the setting of their novels? This original, witty, illustrated study offers the first analytical history of the rise and development of literary tourism in nineteenth-century Britain, associated with authors from Shakespeare, Gray, Keats and Burns to Scott, the Brontë sisters, and Thomas Hardy. Indispensable for the student of literature, the travel literature and the tourism of the nineteenth century.

published on 28-02-2020 - 3 görüntüleme
Tristan et yseut

CONTEXTE : L’histoire se déroule en Cornouailles, en Bretagne et en Irlande. Elle met en scène deux amants : Tristan,chevalier et neveu du roi Marc de Cornouailles et Yseut la Blonde, jeune fille noble d’Irlande, épouse du roi Marc. RESUME : Tristan débarrasse le royaume de Cornouailles du Morholt,frère tyrannique de la reine d’Irlande. Lors du combat, Tristan reçoit une blessure empoisonnée que seule la reine d’Irlande ou sa fille Yseut peut guérir. Une fois guéri, Tristanretourne auprès du roi marc, celui-ci entend parler d’Yseut et désire se marier avec elle. Tristan retourne donc en Irlande la chercher. Sur le bateau du retour, ils boiventmalencontreusement un philtre d’amour qui était destiné à unir Marc et Yseut d’un amour phénoménal. Tristan et Yseut tombent éperdument amoureux l’un de l’autre et ne peuvent cacher le désirqui les unis et les rongent.

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غابة الحق

غابة الحق فرنسيس فتح الله مراش من قسم :روايات عربية عدد الصفحات :164 سنة النشر :1965 حجم الكتاب :1.2 ميجا

published on 27-02-2020 - 18 görüntüleme
غابة الحق

غابة الحق فرنسيس فتح الله مراش من قسم :روايات عربية عدد الصفحات :164 سنة النشر :1965 حجم الكتاب :1.2 ميجا

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وهج البنفسج

رواية وهج البنفسج للكاتب أسامة المسلم من قسم :روايات عربية عدد الصفحات :304 سنة النشر :2017 حجم الكتاب :1.4 ميجا

published on 27-02-2020 - 17 görüntüleme
أرض المعابد

اسم الكتاب: أرض المعابد اسم الكاتب: أحمد سعد محمد نوع ملف الكتاب: pdf حجم الكتاب: 694.67 كيلو بايت

published on 27-02-2020 - 14 görüntüleme
حبيبي داعشي

اللغة : العربية اﻟﺘﺼﻨﻴﻒ : الأدب العربي الفئة : روايات عربية الحجم : 1.21 Mo عدد الصفحات : 141 عدد التحميلات : 17044 نوع الملف : PDF المؤلف : هاجر عبد الصمد

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رواية سينستر” الشر المقيم”

رواية سينستر” الشر المقيم” مومن عدلى رواية سينستر” الشر المقيم” رواية سينستر” الشر المقيم”

published on 25-02-2020 - 67 görüntüleme
Journey Across Three Worlds: Science-Fiction Stories

One more collection of Soviet SF stories now lies in your hands. Seven stories by ten authors. Like ten people talking around one table. Collections of stories by different writers always resemble round-table conferences. All the more so is this true of science fiction, as a genre that bubbles with polemic zest. Indeed, I would compare this more to a students' debating society in some smoke-filled room, in whose blue haze the flushed faces and flashing eyes can barely be distinguished. Here, one declaims with inspired ardour, another grins wryly, as he intersperses some snide remark, a third thumps the table, his voice hoarse with passion. Students, indeed, most young folk, for that matter, adore to talk of love and learning, of life and its meaning, of virtuous and wicked ways, of the problems that face man today and tomorrow, and of how all this is expressed by writer and artist. Science fiction, in effect, does the same, with, perhaps, as is only natural, a somewhat greater emphasis on the problems of tomorrow and of how best to convey their substance. Soviet SF lies well within the mainstream of Soviet writing, generally, and is as diverse in theme and imagery. In the fifty odd years of its existence, its course has been a chequered one, veering with all the turns in the tide of Soviet history, particularly during the times of the First Five -Year Plan and World War Two, but more so, when Sputnik shot up to furrow the unexplored outer fields of space, and the now famous dispute between poet and physicist began. Some twenty seven years ago, Boris Slutsky, a rather well-known Soviet poet - who is no writer of SF, mind you! - produced the following quatrain, which is often quoted in this country: It is the poet versus physicist; One is out, the other in, today. Perhaps a general law is this, And no accidental step astray? Soviet science fiction also has its physicists and its poets. The physicists believe in the omnipotence of the exact sciences, in mathematics and the machine. They claim that every single problem can be pinned down to the drawing board and can be solved in laboratory retorts, that everything can be done by computer and robot. The poets are sceptical. Not for them are the formulas of the physicists, but rather the feelings and promptings of the heart. True enough, the machine can make life easier; but, they say, it can also become an onerous, oppressive burden. This book, as you will have probably noticed, is entitled Journey Across Three Worlds. It is called thus after the novelet presented herein by the Abramovs, father and son. No generational animosity here, as you see! Quite the contrary. One is Seventy odd years old, the other only thirty, one is a professional writer, with numerous novels, stories and essays to his credit, the other is an engineer of the breed inspired by Sputnik, and for whom all of Soviet SF that came before serves as but the launching pad for blasting off into the incredible unknown. And, indeed, everything that comes from under their pen - pens? - is steeped in the latest and most unbelievable of hypotheses, in the wildest of fantasies and conjectures. This time it is parallel worlds, but elsewhere it may be extragalactic visitors, invested with an aura of unfathomable power, or the duplication not just of things and inanimate objects, but also of people, whole cities, countries, an even whole epochs, what is sometimes known as the split-image theme.

published on 24-02-2020 - 33 görüntüleme
Philip K. Dick: Exhilaration and Terror of the Postmodern (Liverpool University Press - Liverpool Sc

Once solely the possession of fans and buffs, the SF author Philip K Dick is now finding a much wider audience, as the success of the films Blade Runner and Minority Report shows. The kind of world he predicted in his funny and frightening novels and stories is coming closer to most of us: shifting realities, unstable relations, uncertain moralities. Philip K. Dick: Exhilaration and Terror of the Postmodern examines a wide range of Dick’s work, including his short stories and posthumously published realist novels. Christopher Palmer analyzes the puzzling and dazzling effects of Dick’s fiction, and argues that at its heart is a clash between exhilarating possibilities of transformation, and a frightening lack of ethical certainties. Dick’s work is seen as the inscription of his own historical predicament, the clash between humanism and postmodernism being played out in the complex forms of the fiction. The problem is never resolved, but Dick’s ways of imagining it become steadily more ingenious and challenging.

published on 23-02-2020 - 38 görüntüleme
Practicing Science Fiction: Critical Essays on Writing, Reading and Teaching the Genre

Drawn from the Science Fiction Research Association conference held in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2008, the essays in this volume address intersections among the reading, writing, and teaching of science fiction. Part 1 studies the teaching of SF, placing analytical and pedagogical research next to each other to reveal how SF can be both an object of study as well as a teaching tool for other disciplines. Part 2 examines SF as a genre of mediation between the sciences and the humanities, using close readings and analyses of the literary-scientific nexus. Part 3 examines SF in the media, using specific television programs, graphic novels, and films as examples of how SF successfully transcends the medium of transmission. Finally, Part 4 features close readings of SF texts by women, including Joanna Russ, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Octavia E. Butler.

published on 23-02-2020 - 31 görüntüleme
أحببت شيطانة فسرقت من الحب

لغة الكتاب: العربية عدد المجلدات: 1 مجلد عدد الصفحات: 155 صفحة حجم الكتاب: 732.57 KB نوع ملفات الكتاب: PDF

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لأجلك أحببت الياسمين

لغة الكتاب: العربية عدد المجلدات: 1 مجلد عدد الصفحات: 149 صفحة حجم الكتاب: 1.66 MB نوع ملفات الكتاب: PDF

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A romantic novel which has been newyork best seller. A masterwork comedy and romance written by Alice Clayton.

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العود الأبدي

لى كل المعذبين في الأرض، كل البائسين في الوجود، الذين تعذبهم المعرفة وتؤرق نومهم، إلى كل من بحث عن جدوى للوجود ولم يجد، كل من تعلق بوهم الإرادة وأستيقظ على حقيقة الجبر، إن كان هذا يواسيكم فسأقول لكم أن الأمر ليس بأيديكم، فقد وقع وانتهى، وليس بأيديكم منعه فلقد ولدتم وسبق السيف العزل، الحق أقول لكم، لا تملكون سوى الصراخ، فاصرخوا في وجوه الموهمين لعل فيهم من يسمع ويستفيق ويعم البؤس على الجميع لقد كتب علينا - نحن البشر - السكر بالوهم، فأسكروا واملئوا كؤوسكم من خمر الوهم المصنوع بعناية، أشربوا حتى تنتشي وتسكروا، أشربوا حتى تنسوا إن ما تتجرعود هو الوهم، حينها فقط ستستطيعون المضي قدما في هذه الحياة

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نيران ثلجية

رواية نيران ثلجية الدكتور الراوي عصام محمود حجم الرواية: 0.663 ميغا بايت عدد الصفحات : 174 صفحة

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Time Crime

The Paratime Police had a real headache this time! Tracing one man in a population of millions is easy--compared to finding one gang hiding out on one of billions of probability lines! This etext was produced from Astounding Science Fiction Magazine February and March 1955. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the copyright on this publication was renewed.

published on 12-02-2020 - 56 görüntüleme
The Extra Day

ed with her new position, her brother fussed and fidgeted with impatience born of repressed excitement. "Run out and knock at the door," he proposed to Judy. "He'll never get away from Mother unless we let him KNOW we're waiting."

published on 12-02-2020 - 52 görüntüleme
Sabotage in Space

What started out as an innocent campus prank at Space Academy almost cost the Polaris unit the chance to become officers in the Solar Guard. For punishment, Tom, Roger, and Astro were assigned to spend all their spare time on guard duty in the vicinity of a new building which housed the latest hush-hush project so important to the solar universe.

published on 12-02-2020 - 47 görüntüleme
Vingt- quatre heures de la vie d'une femme

Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme (Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau) est le titre d'une nouvelle de l'écrivain autrichien Stefan Zweig, publiée pour la première fois en 1927 Scandale dans une pension de famille "comme il faut," sur la Côte d'Azur du début du siècle : Mme Henriette, la femme d'un de ses clients, s'est enfuie avec un jeune homme qui pourtant n'avait passé là qu'une journée... Seul le narrateur tente de comprendre cette "créature sans moralité", avec l'aide inattendue d'une vieille dame anglaise très distinguée, qui lui expliquera quels feux mal éteints cette aventure a ranimé chez la fugitive.

published on 12-02-2020 - 50 görüntüleme
Les mines du roi Salomon

Les Mines du roi Salomon (titre original : King Solomon's Mines) est un roman de l'écrivain britannique Henry Rider Haggard paru en 1885. En France, il a été publié pour la première fois en 1887-1888 dans le Magasin d'éducation et de récréation en feuilleton Datant de l'époque victorienne et du début de la « course à l'Afrique », il relate les aventures d'un groupe d'explorateurs anglais dans une partie de ce continent jusque-là inconnue des Européens. Partis à la recherche d'un parent disparu, ils découvrent une contrée où abondent les diamants. Il s'agit du premier roman de fiction britannique dont la trame se situe en Afrique. L'ouvrage a connu un grand succès. Le personnage d'Allan Quatermain apparaît pour la première fois dans ce roman.

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رواية دم الغريب

تدور أحداث الرواية في مدينة جزائرية، بطلتها تدعى سليمة، تعيش حياة بسيطة وطبيعة الى غاية التقائها برجل غريب في عملها. يهيء لها أن الغموض الذي يلف به أمر طبيعي، وأن جلوسه امامها مجرد صدفة، الى أن تكتشف عكس ذلك. يعتبر التقاء البطلة بالغريب نقطة تحول في حياتها، إذ تنقلب كل الموازين وكل المسلمات التي اعتادت عليها رأسا على عقب، فتنكشف الحقائق المستورة، وتسقط الأقنعة عن الوجوه وتكشف انياب الخداع والطمع، ويتغير مفهوم العائلة المتماسكة حينها. المغامرة والمفاجآت جزء لا يتجزأ من الرواية، فهي تشد القارىء بطريقة بسيطة والأفكار واحداث متسارعة من اول حرف فيها إلى آخرها، لتفتح المجال أمام القارىء للتخيل.

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Nostradamus pdf

Du même auteur, à la Bibliothèque : Le Capitan Buridan, le héros de la Tour de Nesle La reine sanglante Borgia ! Triboulet Le Pré-aux-Clercs Fiorinda-la-Belle

published on 04-02-2020 - 99 görüntüleme
Le rival du roi pdf

Du même auteur, à la Bibliothèque : Le Capitan Buridan, le héros de la Tour de Nesle La reine sanglante Borgia ! Triboulet Le Pré-aux-Clercs Fiorinda-la-Belle

published on 04-02-2020 - 68 görüntüleme
La marquise de Pompadour pdf

Du même auteur, à la Bibliothèque : Le Capitan Buridan, le héros de la Tour de Nesle La reine sanglante Borgia ! Triboulet Le Pré-aux-Clercs Fiorinda-la-Belle

published on 04-02-2020 - 68 görüntüleme
Fiorinda-La-Belle pdf

Fiorinda-la-Belle Texte établi d’après l’édition Tallandier 1979, version abrégée. Ce volume fait suite à Le Pré-aux-Clercs

published on 04-02-2020 - 80 görüntüleme
Le Pré-aux-Clercs pdf

On l’appelait l’auberge du Pré, sans plus. Et cela suffisait, car elle était aussi célèbre, aussi en vogue, aussi bien achalandée que la tant fameuse auberge de La Devinière. Et il n’était pas un Parisien qui ne sût que le « pré » en question désignait le prestigieux et légendaire Pré-aux- Clercs, au centre duquel elle était située. Après avoir franchi le mur d’enceinte, soit par.....

published on 04-02-2020 - 93 görüntüleme
Jean sans Peur pdf

Voyage de Passavant Le chevalier de Passavant s’était donc arrêté hors des murs de Paris, en proie à un découragement qui brisait en lui tout ressort vital. Avec sa manière d’envisager choses et gens d’une façon absolue, avec son peu de connaissance de la vraie vie qui fait les événements et les êtres en demi-teinte, il s’exagérait la catastrophe. Il n’y a qu’une chose au monde qui ne s’arrange pas : c’est la mort. Tout le reste se raccommode, se rapetasse, se replâtre, car la pensée humaine tient essentiellement à trouver un gîte, et il n’y a pas d’effort dont elle ne soit capable pour s’accommoder même d’un taudis. Quand tout craque dans notre âme, quand notre pensée se trouve expulsée des palais qu’elle....

published on 04-02-2020 - 69 görüntüleme